Nurse Practitioner in Logan, UT

Spring Creek Medical Center has a nurse practitioner on staff to help serve our patients.

Why a nurse practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is a nurse with an advanced degree that has passed a national board. Nurse practitioners prescribe medications, treat illnesses, and administer physical exams. Tiffany Schulz is our onsite Nurse Practitioner. She’s focused on attending to your medical needs. Read more about her below.


Meet our nurse practitioner!

Logan UT Nurse Practitioner Tiffany Schulz

Tiffany was born and raised in Southern California before moving to Logan her senior year of High School. She went on to earn her RN and BSN at the University of Utah before graduating as a Nurse Practitioner from Maryville University. While attending school Tiffany worked as a Registered Nurse for IASIS healthcare in SLC Utah. While there she floated for 10 years working in all the units the hospitals had to offer. Her husband’s carrier then moved them back to Cache Valley. After graduating she worked for Sterling Urgent Care in North Logan for 1 year before coming to work with Spring Creek Medical Center. She is board certified in Family Medicine but focuses on her specialty in Functional and Alternative medicine, as well as Hormone Replacement therapy for both men and women. She has also specialized in stem cell treatments for patients with chronic health concerns. She focuses on healing the patient, rather than treating the condition they have been diagnosed with. Tiffany likes to provide a non-narcotic approach to pain management. When not at work Tiffany enjoys spending time with her husband Rod, and three sons Rodney (9), Colton (6), and Tayden (2). Her family loves living in Cache Valley and enjoying all the outdoor activities it offers. Tiffany loves to empower and educate patients about their health care. She has come to appreciate the alternative medicine model in that there should be an individual approach in healing each patient. She is excited to be working with Spring Creek Medical Center.

I am so pleased with Spring Creek Medical Center. I was previously seeing another nurse practitioner but the care I have received at Spring Creek Medical Center has far surpassed that experience. Tiffany Schultz and all the people at Spring Creek are amazing. I truly feel that they are deeply concerned about improving and maintaining the very best health I can have. Tiffany doesn’t just look at the surface and try to prescribe a care plan. Utilizing her extensive nursing and educational background she spends the time to truly understand the situation before prescribing treatment. And, after treatment, she has been there to follow up and make sure things are improving as prescribed. I would, without reservation recommend her with the strongest recommendation to anyone wanting to improve their health and well-being.

Mark Benson

I chose Spring Creek Medical because they offer an integrated approach. I love that each practitioner is involved in a team meeting to discuss the best treatment approach. Everyone on staff is super knowledgeable and eager to answer questions and concerns. I appreciate the clinic working with me to make the payment process smooth and simple. My total experience was great, and the environment is friendly and healing.

Marylee Moreno

The team here is amazing and super friendly. They work together efficiently and effectively to help make sure you are taken care of. I am glad I came here and would highly recommend them.

Peter Sorensen

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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

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Trigger Point Injection

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Women's Health & Hormone Balancing

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Men's Health & Hormone Balancing

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells are the cellular building blocks of the 220 cell types within the body. The Stem Cells used by Spring Creek Medical Center remain in an undifferentiated state and therefore are capable of becoming any tissue, organ or cell type within the body.….Learn More.

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Vitamin B Complex Injection

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