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Dr. Garvert and his staff are amazing. I struggled with migraines since I was a kid, and had resigned myself as an adult to just modifying and limiting my life because of migraines. (As an adult I had 2-3 per week). Dr Garvert and his staff created a treatment plan for me that has completely changed my life. I now go 6-7 months at a time with NO MIGRAINES. I can’t recommend Spring Creek Medical enough- they enabled me to finally be a mom who can play and participate fully. I have also been able to advance myself professionally because I don’t have to miss and put off projects in my career. I am forever grateful to them.

Rikki White

Logan, Utah

I had a great meeting with Dr. G today. He is a down-to-earth guy and really wants the best for his patients. His practice is unique because it includes a physical therapist, massage therapists, chiropractor and medical nurse all in one place. The office is nice and new and has a great atmosphere. I would gladly recommend SpringCreek Medical to anyone looking for a chiropractor in Logan.

Garrett Kite

Kite Media

I’ve been to see Dr. Garvert several times and he always sits down and takes the time to help me. It is always so nice to walk out feeling like I’m getting somewhere with my treatment and am on the right track.

Jason Mathison

Logan, Utah

I am healthy and have not had a spinal injury, but I sit at a computer desk all day which causes tension in my neck and shoulders leading to headaches. When I begin to have headaches I will call for an appointment and the people at Springcreek Medical Center will do their best to fit my schedule. The headaches go away immediately and I feel good for weeks.

Todd Brown

Logan, Utah

Dr. Garvert and his staff have taken the time to get to know me as an individual. They understand my lifestyle and personality and tailor the treatments to my needs and goals. They are thorough, understanding, and patient when addressing questions or recommending treatment options. I appreciate that there is a physical therapist and massage therapists available to facilitate my recovery. Dr. Garvert and his staff are fun and friendly. I enjoy every visit to their office!

Amy Croft

Logan, Utah

I have had poor posture for most of my life. I ignored this until an excruciating pinched nerve led me to Spring Creek Medical for help. I soon realized that I had been given a wake up call. The x-ray confirmed a deteriorating spinal scoliosis. The TEAM at Spring Creek Medical invited me to go to work with them to preserve my active way of life which includes horse back riding, skiing and fly fishing. So now, the very thing I had scrupulously been ignoring would take center stage. Now the thing that I had previously had no time for would be given the attention required to heal. My back was literally against the wall. The painful pinched nerve had opened the door for me to discover the real condition of my body which was on the fast track for some very serious trouble. Now I began to realize that the well being of my spine was going to dictate how I lived.

No one at Spring Creek Medical told me that the journey would be easy but they did say that all of us, working together, could change the way that I stand, walk and sit. I voted to join the TEAM and reach for a better way. I had come to Spring Creek Medical to heal.

The knowledge and skill applied to my plight by the TEAM at Spring Creek Medical have given me the courage and the strength to change my posture and preserve my spine. I can now look forward to an active old age instead of one of pain and disability. For e, happily, life will ever be the same. To change my posture a 67 years of age is nothing short of miraculous. When I look at my new profile in the mirror, I am amazed by the change I see. My pain level has gone from unbearable to zero. Every day, when I literally see the world from a different angle, I am grateful for my TEAM and this life of changing opportunity. Thank you TEAM Spring Creek Medical.

Susan J Packer

Logan, Utah

Honestly one of the most amazing places I have been to. Great medical care and expertise, the staff take a one on one personal approach with you and make you feel better.

Melissa Scheid

Logan, Utah

The staff at Spring Creek Medical Center are topnotch. Their approach is different than any other medical help I have ever received. Rebecca is great to take the time to explain everything I need to know about my medical issues and her approach is to fix the problem rather than medicate it. Her help with my Migraines has been amazing. Physical Therapists Meagan and AJ have done so much for my complicated back issues. Their extensive knowledge of the human spine has been instrumental in relieving my pain. Feel lucky to have found them all.

Diane Elgan

Logan, Utah

Very friendly, helpful, and honest about treatment options.

Jared Keller

Logan, Utah

If i could give this place more stars I would, the staff are great people, they will to help you to make the pain your having go away, plus you’ll always leave with a happy face.

Shane Hickey

Logan, Utah

I couldn’t be happier with my experience! I was able to work with the nurse practitioner, chiropractor, physical therapist, and message therapist and had a wonderful outcome with all four! I was dealing with really bad neck pain and headaches and they were able to give me the tools to better myself, even after I stopped seeing them. The staff is very friendly and always made my kids and I feel right at home. I highly recommend these guys for any kind of pain treatment!

Allison Keller

Logan, Utah

When I first walked into Spring Creek Medical, I was greeted by friendly, caring staff. They took the time to figure out the best way to meet my needs for pain relief. The team at Spring Creek Medical work together to provide excellent care. My neck pain is greatly reduced, and continues to improve. For anyone seeking quality care, I highly recommend Spring Creek Medical.

C. Reddig

Logan, Utah

I’ve had muscle tension problems for years, going to Spring Creek really helps me decrease my reliance on pain killers and muscle relaxers. All of the staff members are well trained and they are highly recommended by many physicians in the valley.

Kaisa Patterson

Logan, Utah

I’ve been coming to this center for the past few months and the staff is always so friendly. I know them all by name (and vice-versa) and they’ve greatly helped my recovery process.

Greg Brown

Logan, Utah

Spring Creek has a great system. Chiro, massage, PT, and a nurse practitioner. They work great as a team. Any one of these services alone is good but, when it all comes together pain and recovery comes incredibly fast. Very professional and knowledgeable staff. Very happy with my experience here.

Colton Schenk

Logan, Utah

Dr. Garrett is amazing. Not only did his chiropractic adjustments open up range of motion I didn’t even realize I had, but his comprehensive full body care fixed the underlying root of my foot, neck, and back pain entirely.

Don’t take any more pain meds for musculoskeletal ailments. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Spring Creek will sort you out.

Christian Clark

Logan, Utah

Spring Creek Medical was so good to work with. I went in with serious back pain and they were able to help with both chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy, all from one location. All the staff were super nice and very accommodating with my schedule. Definitely would recommend them to anyone.

Dustin Clark

Logan, Utah

Great place for adjustments, as well as physical therapy. Steve is great to work with!

Chris Hammond

The Kater Shop

Amazing experience! Very competent physicians who care deeply about their work. Comprehensive care all in a one-stop, easy-to-find location.

Jaimie Rounds

Logan, Utah

Spring Creek Medical Center has been an integral part of my family’s healthcare for over 10 years. Their staff is always friendly and helpful; their massage therapists are professional and proficient; and Dr. Garvert is always personable and takes the time to understand and address my family’s individual needs. We have each seen huge improvements in our health and reduction of our pain. I recommend Spring Creek Medical to all my local friends and associates.

Teresa Jewkes

Logan, Utah

I LOVE the Staff at Spring Creek Medical Center. They make me feel comfortable in the treatment I am receiving and my back pain is getting better each time I visit. Having all four specialists in the same office is PERFECT and they are working beautifully together to help me heal my back pain!

Amber Spackman

Logan, Utah

I’ve been struggling with migraines and neck issues for 5 years. I had resigned myself to the pain. I stumbled on Spring Creek Medical and in the last 2 weeks I’ve felt better than I have in FIVE YEARS. I’m having fewer headaches and my neck is getting better by the appointment!! Also, I can’t rave about this staff enough! They are so friendly and so sweet. I adore each and every one of them! Dr. Garvert, Rebecca (Nurse Practitioner) and Megan (Physical Therapist) are so knowledgeable and kind. And the front office girls are just the kindest and the sweetest. Absolute dolls. What a wonderful resource this office is.

Meghan Bowen

Logan, Utah

I clean carpet for a living. My back takes a beating moving furniture and equipment. Finding a facility that offers a M.D., Chiropractor, Physical Therapy and Massage is what I’m looking for. Spring Creek Medical meets my needs.
John Hess

Bellingham Carpet Cleaning

The staff at Spring Creek Medical are very nice and personable. I feel that my well being is of interest as a patient in there office. Dr G likes to get to know his clients by bringing up small talk. One of my favorite parts of the office is the massage therapists, I have been to many other locations and have had several different massage therapists and the ones here at Spring Creek are top notch.

Kevin Olsen

Logan, Utah

There’s nothing quite like an hour long massage at Spring Creek Medical. Great prices and awesome staff!

Brandi S.

Cast Horn Designs

Best Chiropractor in town! The office is clean, nice and the staff professional. You will want to check out this Chiropractor the next time you need an adjustment.

Pat Shaffer

Acme Chem-Dry

The staff is very friendly and very efficient. Better than other places I’ve been. I would recommend

Jose Ugalde

DeckMaster Inc.

Spring Creek Medical Center offers great chiropractic services in Logan, Utah. Check them out if you’re in need of some back pain relief or a therapeutic massage!

Jason Allen

Brent Allen Automotive

The staff at Spring Creek Medical are very nice and personable. I feel that my well being is of interest as a patient in there office. Dr G likes to get to know his clients by bringing up small talk. One of my favorite parts of the office is the massage therapists, I have been to many other locations and have had several different massage therapists and the ones here at Spring Creek are top notch.

Kevin Olsen

Logan, Utah

The staff here is absolutely amazing and they took immediate interest in all my concerns and questions when others disregarded my discomfort and concerns. Highly recommend!

Ashlin Lowe

Logan, Utah

I wasn’t able to play catch with my son and was so frustrated by shoulder and neck pain. That all changed when I started going to Spring Creek Medical. With the help of Dr. Garvert and his team I am able to be active again. I enjoy visiting them because they really care and the things they teach me help me take better care of myself. Health is everything and and the massages are heavenly. Don’t waste time feeling like there is nothing you can do. Get help. They have so many options and will work with you like they do with me.

Barbara Hoth

Logan, Utah

I would look forward to going to Spring Creek Medical for appointments! The staff is awesome! They were able to help my back and neck issues before I started school again!

McKell Painter

Logan, Utah

I came to SpringCreek with headaches and bad lower back pain. It only took a couple visits before I started to see major results. One year later and I am still pain free with only a couple visits here and there for maintenance. I would recommend this place to anyone who is ready to get rid of their pain and get back to doing the things they enjoy.

Cortney Thomson

Logan, Utah

Hands down, best experience with anything medical in my life. Super friendly and personable staff that really cares about the needs of the individual. It’s great to be able to go from the nurse practitioner right onto physical therapy or the chiropractor then on top of all that goodness, get a massage! The best part is they communicate with each other in the office to find the best road to healing. So thankful to have been referred to them.

Sarah Francis

Logan, Utah

I have worked with these fine folks for years! They are excellent at what they do. Very professional and knowledgeable. The staff is very friendly and handles billing and payments promptly without hassle. Highly recommend!

Bryce Rounds

Logan, Utah

Great service, so nice to work with. Feel so much better. Thanks!

Amanda Butler

Logan, Utah

Super nice and helpful staff. I am so grateful I found this place. I love their team approach to healing. They take good care of you!

Rachel Modersitzki

Logan, Utah

I’ve only been a couple times, but they are focused on helping you and they are willing to work with what you are capable of committing.

Shad Carter

Logan, Utah

I could not be more thankful to Spring Creek! I have been in severe chronic back pain for 10 plus years. I have tried everything under the sun to find relief. My last specialist told me that I would just have to live with the pain and find pain management techniques which included stopping most of my activities. I finally couldn’t stand the pain any more and tried Spring Creek on a whim…what a great idea!! These people have been through, kind, and best of all, effective. I have been attending regularly for four months, it has been a long road but they have been there for me every step of the way and my pain is GREATLY reduced.

Jessika Cowell

Logan, Utah

My name is Kay Thalman and I have been visiting Spring Creek Medical Center for over a month now and have found the experience to be very positive. The staff there work together as a team to meet all you chiropractic needs. The staff are friendly and there is very little wait time. They offer many services such has massages therapy, physical therapy, and Dr. Garvert is a skilled Chiropractor. I would recommend Spring Creek Medical Center for all your Chiropractic needs. Check it out.

Kay Thalman

Logan, Utah

The staff is awesome everyone was very kind and friendly. Went in to be seen for continual headache/migraines and they were able to help relieve them without the harmful meds that i usually have to take. I love having the combine efforts of physical therapy, chiropractic, and medical all in one place. The team approach has really helped me.

Heidi Bybee

Logan, Utah

In December of 2011, I was in a minor car accident. Shortly thereafter I began getting major headaches. Everyone I knew had a cure for me. Some suggested a chiropractor but I had heard many misconceptions and was nervous about getting my “neck cracked”. Soon my jaw was bothering me as well. I was unable to yawn without pain and certain foods became painful to eat. I tried several things to try to ease my pain. Each would work for a little while but soon the headaches and jaw issues would return. Finally over a year later, the jaw pain was constant and the daily headaches were almost unbearable and completely unmanageable. Being a mother to three busy little boys this was not acceptable. Some friends of mine convinced me that I should see their chiropractor, Dr. Garvert. I called his office and they were able to see me that day. Upon arrival, Tiffany (at the front desk) greeted me with a smile and immediately made me feel as if I were among friends. Dr. Garvert quickly took me back and listened to my physical complaints as well as my apprehension about a chiropractor. His friendly, down to earth demeanor quickly eased that apprehension. He thoroughly educated me on possible causes of my pain and laid out a treatment plan for me. After an x-ray and an adjustment, I was taken back for a massage. I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders so I was very grateful that this was part of my treatment plan. With each visit I noticed significant changes in my pain level, and since the 3rd visit I have been virtually pain free. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Garvert and his staff to my friends and family. They are very prompt, friendly, and have helped me achieve results that I am very happy with.

Megan Coleman

Logan, Utah

I had been experiencing severe headaches for a considerable period of time. I was informed chiropractic adjustments could cure and/or reduce the headaches. I had tried everything, so why not give the adjustments a try. After about 3 adjustments I had a physical therapy session. My headaches and neck tension began to disappear. Painless adjustments and professional counsel was evident in reducing the headache pain. Thanks to Dr. Garvert and his staff at Springcreek Medical Center.

Clair Mendenhall

Logan, Utah

All of the staff at Spring Creek are friendly, professional, and skilled at what they do. They have not only treated me for my chronic pain without the use of medications but work hard to give patients resources to make sure they get better and stay better. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Adriane Dalton

Logan, Utah

Wonderful staff and overall a great experience.

Heather Staples

Southside Chem-Dry

Such a great experience and feel to this office. From walking through the door and being greeted with a smile, or not having gone in for 2 months and returning. They are extremely helpful and listen when asking about what’s bothering you. Although my experience has yet to end with these great people, I look forward to each visit rather than dread it. Thanks again for everything and I would suggest going here.

Cody N.

Logan, Utah

Spring Creek Medical Center has been and still is currently taking care of me. I was having severe back pain and I Could hardly move my neck at all when I first started here, and come to find out I had other issues going on that my primary care physician wasn’t going into deeper for me. I am so glad that I found them! They have been so kind and understanding with me and my family members also! They are amazing! Thank you so much to the ones taking care of me!!

Jessica James

Logan, Utah

My husband and I have been going to Spring Creek Medical Center now for 5 years. We love the great staff and care we receive. Dr. Garvert is the bomb dot com!!!

Sene Snook

Logan, Utah

The adjustments work well with me and my kids. I appreciate that they will work on children when needed. Add a massage, or physical therapy and there is a whole team to help us with our needs.

Alenae Mackey

Logan, Utah

I have been working with Megan and she has really helped me with my back. She listens to my concerns and does everything she can to help. Very personable and knowledgeable.
I have also seen Rebecca for some injections and they were helpful. I’m a baby and hate shots but she was very understanding and helpful.

Teri Hegemann

Logan, Utah

Finding Spring Creek Medical was SUCH a blessing! I suffered from severe hip pain for over 15 years, and felt discouraged with my doctor’s advice to just take medication and get along as best I could. Finally, in desperation, I found Spring Creek Medical on the internet and liked the idea of working with a whole team.

I went in hoping to find just a little relief, but they actually took the pain away! I have been overjoyed with the results! They were so thorough and helped me pinpoint exactly what was causing the pain. They then worked with me to address the core problem. Since they took the time to educate me, I also feel more able to avoid getting into trouble again. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are absolutely awesome!

Jenny Tanner

Logan, Utah

I have had an excellent experience with Spring Creek Medical. Rebecca has really helped minimize my tension headaches and low back pain. I love how she doesn’t just tell you to do something she explains how and why doing it will help. The staff is very friendly and very willing to work with you when scheduling, explaining what insurance will cover and setting payments that are manageable on the remaining balance. Their main concern is your health and what they can do to help. Love everyone there. Thanks for all you have done for me.

Becky Lowe

Logan, Utah

Every time I come here the staff asks about my family and they know me personally. I feel so much more benefit from getting a massage with each adjustment than I do with just the adjustments I got at other chiropractor offices. All of the staff are friendly and professional. I send my friends and family here every time.

Brad McDaniel

Logan, Utah

My daughter was in a minor, yet jolting, car accident, and these folks looked into every detail to make sure she would heal quickly and correctly. They’ve also been working wonders for my wife’s stress and TMJ headaches.

Todd Durrant

Logan, Utah

Staff members are warm, friendly, thorough and professional. Easy access, lots of parking and appointments are readily available.

Kimberli Redmon

Logan, Utah

The staff is very friendly and caring. Time was taken to answer all of my questions. I feel like Dr. Steven Garvert has my best interest in mind, and explained all of my options clearly.

Jeanie Johnson

Logan, Utah

We have been seeing everyone at Spring Creek Medical after we were in an auto accident. All the services we have received have been great! It’s really helped in the healing process. They are kind and helpful and very knowledgeable for our injuries. It’s been a great experience!

Kristy Harding

Logan, Utah

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